About me


My name is Rebecca Emily, and thank you again for taking a moment to explore my website and art. If you've made it this far, then brownie points to you.

I know that basic marketing nowadays teaches an artist that they're not just selling their art, but selling themselves. I could tell you that I have read the advice, watched the videos, and scrapped/re-wrote this 'About Me' page a hundred times...but maybe that just sounds like bragging. Certainly, I could go on to describe my journey into photography, quirks that define me, my hopes and dreams, favorite toppings on pizza - but that just wouldn't be me. If I am to be authentic, then this is as authentic as it gets.

So let's try again.

Hi there, my name is Rebecca, and I'm an artist in the Pacific Northwest. I create art because there's nothing else I can imagine spending the rest of my life doing that could fulfill my need for variety, exploration, learning, and expression as much as photography does. As for my personality, I think it is represented in my work. Colorful, but muted. Meaningful, but jaded. Expressive, but reserved.

I am passionate about working alongside others who have a vision they wish to bring to life, and always humbled by those who choose me to help create it. (Extra double brownie points if you made it this far.) Anyways, enough about me. Should you have a project that needs a creative eye, a desire to have photos taken and need some direction where to start, or maybe just someone to laugh with - my contact button isn't far away.

Rebecca Emily


“"Rebecca and I have worked together a handful of times and each time I'm blown away by her talent behind the camera! She understands how to use light and capture the perfect angle. She is also extremely helpful with ideas and posing! Rebecca is professional and makes you feel at ease during your shoot! I highly recommend her and am positive when you receive your photos back you will be ecstatic you selected her for your photography needs."”

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