My name is Rebecca Emily, the lady behind the lens. As I have had the privilege of growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I started my journey as a photographer focusing on nature and animal photography. The small beauties in nature that often went overlooked were my subjects of choice. I was drawn to forest paths most would ignore, the underside of flowers not touched by the sun, and sparrows one couldn't find unless you sat still long enough. I was baffled by the fact that many people were too distracted by cherry blossoms to see the strength of the tree roots below. This realization directly correlated with one of the larger problems I saw our society perpetually battling: superficiality. We are too drawn to and bombarded by pictures, ads, and messages that state we are not good enough if we do not meet a certain standard of outward, boxed-in beauty. This thought pattern leaves us not only feeling discontented with ourselves, but those around us.

The dreamer inside of me desired to fix all these toxic beliefs and leave a positive mark on the world, but the realist in me knew I couldn't just wish the problem away. What could one person - specifically myself - do to help? It took time, lots of late night talks with friends, more courage than I thought I could muster, and little bit of crazy for me to finalize my plan to help the world: Start my photography business. Photography suddenly became more than just a hobby; it became a calling. It was now my responsibility as the photographer to make everyday beauty visible to everyone and, in doing so, hopefully promote healing and self-love.

Pictures are a unique and universal language in that they allow us to transport back to a memory of significance, daydream of places we've never been, encourage self-confidence, and express feelings that words alone cannot. I hope that my mission inspires people to live a life full of love and respect for the world, others, and (possibly most importantly) ourselves. So, go ahead: Stop and smell the roses, Hold hands a few seconds longer, Take that selfie, Write that love letter, Wear that outfit, Pop the question, and Love every inch of yourself and this life. I'll be there to capture it for you along the way.

Rebecca Emily



“Working with Rebecca whom I just met one time before to discuss photo ideas, poses, and outfits, felt like a close friend taking me and my partner’s photos! She made us feel very comfortable and like we could be 100 percent ourselves. I could tell she had a vision... but she also made sure to snap candid photos and me and my girlfriend just being us! We were so amazed at how the photos turned out... all of my friends and family were shocked at how good the photos were and how happy we looked in them!!!”