I feel that it's been hard to put a label on my photography - editorial, fashion, fine art? I enjoy shooting so many different concepts, that it's hard to say I just shoot portraits or only shoot brands.

What I will say is that the majority of my work includes the following:

  • Creative/Editorial Portraits - models building a portfolio, intimate portraits (boudoir), senior photos, and fine art photos.
  • Brand Photography - including headshots and personal branding lifestyle shots for business owners, unique concept shoots for products or advertising, regular content for social media.

What I really love doing, and what I think I provide most to my photography aside from experience and a creative eye, is organizing. It might sound silly, but one of the parts I most look forward to is listening to a client's vision and using my imagination, connections, and energy to bring it to life.

Whether this is understanding a brand's image and audience to help create content to best represent it or doing research on the most breathtaking location for a client's creative portraits - I don't want to just be the photographer that shows up and takes a paycheck, I want to be there planning with you days to months in advance to create the perfect day of art and memories that fits your needs.

So, with that description, is there anything I don't shoot? As much as I love to create every chance I get, there are some shoots that just aren't for me. Aside from long time clients, I am no longer taking on family shoots, very large weddings, and newborn shoots. However, if you are in need of a photographer that is passionate about these categories, I have a large span of connections and would be happy to recommend you to these wonderful artists!

In short (though this was not very short, was it?) - let's chat!

Rebecca Emily

Frequently Asked Questions


I do my best to keep the breakdown as simple as possible for both of us, and charge a standard rate per hour of shooting with additional fees towards rentals, props, and travel. Pricing will range based upon the complexity and needs of each shoot and we will discuss this all prior to signing contracts and setting dates.

Do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel and am more than happy to shoot at a location outside of the Willamette Valley. Depending on the distance, there may be an additional fee to account for gas or plane tickets.

What can I expect out of a shoot?

All shoots will start out with a conversation (whether by phone, e-mail, or text - whatever is comfortable) about the creative direction of the shoot, what the purpose for the photos are, and a timeline.
We will work together to determine locations, outfits, sign paperwork, and discuss investment.
After the shoot, you get to relax and wait as I edit away. Depending on how long the shoot was, and what we agreed upon during consultation will determine how many photos you receive and at what time. On average, a set takes 2-4 weeks to edit, but I always give sneak peeks within the first week. Once finished, you will receive your full album (with photo rights) by email in a private, client gallery on this website for you to download.